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Colombo Comic Expo Highlights

Another convention come and gone, and what a blast it was. The gaming community is thriving in Sri Lanka and it was a heartening sight to behold. Faniacs had a booth up, and we had the chance to interact with all our patrons and fans. The organizers did an excellent job, from tending to our needs (our table went missing on the first day- they secured one for us immediately) and they have our thanks.

Our new partner, 8-Bits had their debut and it was a smashing hit, with lots of customers audibly saying ‘wow’ to all the products on display. That in itself is reason enough for us to take part in these conventions. You the fan, makes it all worthwhile. Special thanks to all of you.



We’ll be there at the Colombo Comic Expo ’17

We have a fantastic long standing history with the Geek Community in Sri Lanka, having had the pleasure to be a part of the conventions that occur annually, and engaging with the public that pours into the halls in the thousands. It is this interaction, this opportunity to interact and strike up a conversation, that brings an immeasurable amount of fulfillment to the Team. It is the only reason we do what we do- which is, admittedly cliche at this point, but nevertheless true. We began Faniacs to make a name for ourselves, but it’s the entirety of the fandom that keeps us alive, our hearts kicking and our imaginations fueled.

We have worked hard this past year to improve our quality and services, introducing this website and its expanding services as well introducing a new partner: 8-Bits. Our next step is to increase our output for the coming year along with some special surprises that we will dive into detail in the end of year post.

You can find us at the Colombo Comic Expo at SLECC (hosted and sponsored by The Geek Initiative, Play Expo Sri Lanka, PRUVE and Gamer.lk) from 9th of December to the 10th of December at booth no. S28. If you’re not interested in our wares, you will find us always willing to have a chat about the weather or Superman’s mustache, and anything in between.

Stay tuned!

The Art of 8-Bits

8-Bits seeks to provide the geek populace with key-chains, badges and accessories, designed in pixel art. The nostalgia of this art style speaks to many, whether they be retro gamers or newbies to the world of pop culture. Hence why we aim to satisfy your needs for bitti-fied bits and bobs!

All accessories and pixelized goodies will be available exclusively on www.faniacs.lk. Stay tuned for more updates as we near the Colombo Comic Expo beginning from the 8th to the 10th of December!

Mission Statement


When we began this journey, almost two years ago, the team had no clue what kind of ride awaited us. We collectively had a joy for film and comics, a relentless energy to create something with our own hands and a desire to share this creation with the rest of the world.

It began with a simple business idea; place a tailor made design on a crew neck t-shirt designed to entice a particular group of fans. It’s incredibly niche; we pushed a product that would attract a particular group of people within a demographic that is as divisive and passionate as we are- and it was addictive.

No one should underestimate the culture that forms around movies and comics. It’s similar to rooting for your favorite Cricket team. You admire the sport, but you scream, chant and pray for your team to win. You root for Superman to kick Batman in the gonads. You hope Batman face plants Superman to the ground. You cheer when Cap lands a punch on Tony Stark’s perfect metallic face.

It’s all fiction and make believe, but it is the collective passion that fuels this project. We are continuously inspired by the writing, the art, acting and the filmmaker’s drive to make a piece of art that is substantial, emotional and experimental.

Faniacs’ vision is to embody this emotion in every aspect of design, manufacturing and sale. We are committed to bringing you this culture to you through our product.

Stay Tuned.


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